'55 Blue Dune Voyager-1 Trolley

  • This upscale luggage collection entitled "Dune" is a special tribute to NASA’s longest serving mission in space: Voyager-1. This probe, the first-ever spacecraft to reach the end of our galaxy, has become the interstellar space nomad. Inspired by its engineering beauty, sturdiness, and spirit of adventure - Soul of Nomad's luxurious and ergonomic travel collection is a fitting partner for any modern day nomad. Exclusively engineered in Silicon Valley, USA and handcrafted in Milan, Italy using the latest and best materials the industry has to offer.

    • US Dimensions: 14.1 (L) X 17.3 (H) X 9.4 (W) inches
    • EU Dimensions: 36(L) X 44 (H) X 24 (W) centimeters
    • Weight: 4.0 kg (8.8 lbs)
    • Embossed Italian calf leather with scratch resistant technology
    • Double sliding zipper system
    • 4-Wheel Silent movement
    • Telescopic aluminum leather wrapped handle
    • Business compartment with easy access for 15” laptop and mobile devices
    • Carbon fiber two-tone leather handles
    • Removable ID holder
    • Compartment with a protective divider and pockets for accessories
    • Viscose nylon lining with high tenacity structure
    • Garment and shoe sleeves
    • Check-In protective cover
    • TSA approved padlock
    • REACH compliant