Collection reservation F.A.Q

How do I reserve a Dune Collection?

You can reserve preferred item on the individual product page by clicking reserve. 

When my luggage will be delivered?

Dune collection production is in the process. At this time, the delivery date estimate is November 2017 or later, depending on country of delivery. Once production of 2017 collection is over, we will begin deliveries in North America, European Union, and the UK. As we get closer to completing production of the collection, concierge service will reach out to you to re-confirm shipping details and all relevant information about your order. 

How many reservations can I make?

You can make one reservation per style/color. In case you will reserve two of the same style, you will get refunded back to your account. 

Can anyone, from any country reserve Dune Collection?

Yes, anyone from countries listed in the drop-down list on our website can reserve a Dune Collection. Please note, free shipping applies only to US, UK, and European Union based customers. Additional shipping charges may apply if shipping to other destinations. Please note, that we produce a limited number of pieces each year and always assign certain collection units per region (country). In some cases, the selection can be unavailable since pre-order capacity is exhausted for the country where the order was placed from. 

What is so unique about your luggage collection?

Dune Jet-Setter Collection will be available on a quite limited basis, with only 377 pieces worldwide for 2017, Our luggage collection is developed in collaboration of aerospace engineers and one of the most famous manufacturing houses in Italy - Leu Locati. Each piece of our luggage collection is handcrafted by the team of most skilled artisans in Milan, Italy. Soul of Nomad design and produces the state of the art luggage that is a dependable companion on any journey you set on. 

A choice of three colors is available, Black, Sand Brown and Rosso Red,  all in scratch resistant premium leather for the all-weather use. For the ultimate rolling and damping comfort, each piece is equipped with Italian made silent-movement wheels. A unique front compartment design makes access to electronic devices during security check or flights an effortless experience, further adding to the extra comfort and value the collection delivers.

I pre-ordered my Dune Collection but haven’t received a confirmation email. When can I expect this to arrive?

Expect to receive your confirmation email out within 24 hours of reserving. If it’s been more than 24 hours, please check your spam and junk folders for an email from Soul of Nomad Customer Care Service. And if you still don’t see it, please email us at

Can I cancel my Dune Collection pre-order?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. Refunds can take up to 3 weeks depending on your country of delivery.

Why did I not receive an invoice for my Dune Collection pre-order?

Your pre-order payment is fully refundable. A full invoice will therefore not be available until your order is ready to ship. However, you will receive your full confirmation receipt via e-mail, that will count towards final invoice.