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Wolfpack Collection

Wolfpack Collection

Soul of Nomad’s “Wolfpack” collection is inspired by need of trust and driven by unity among humans. The “Wolfpack” collection unifies multiple visions of invididuals into one firm collective bond. 

The exhibition of wild wolves highlights the challenging path to harmony and the predatory face of modern society. The bold wolf-filled pattern emerges into the contemporary concept of trust and survival of modern humans. 

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Sold outWolfpack Unisex Oversize Zipped Long Hoodie
Sold outWolfpack Unisex Oversize Long Hoodie
Sold outWolfpack Unisex Oversize Denim Jacket
Sold outWolfpack Unisex Mongol Rider Jeans
Wolfpack Unisex Mongol Rider Jeans Sale price$ 500.00 USD
Sold outWolfpack Unisex Runner Multi Layers Sneakers
Sold outWolfpack Unisex Leather Backpack
Wolfpack Unisex Leather Backpack Sale price$ 1,100.00 USD
Sold outWolfpack Unisex Baseball Cap
Wolfpack Unisex Baseball Cap Sale price$ 150.00 USD