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Our story

Soul of Nomad was established in 2015 in Silicon Valley, California, by Nazym (Ashina Son) Paltachev, an industrial engineer with a vision to fuse the ancient craftsmanship of nomadic riders with the cutting-edge technology of today. Initially launching as a specialized denim workshop, the brand catered to the discerning, tech-oriented frequent flyer by offering custom-tailored jeans that promised durability and style for long-distance travels.

The brand distinguishes itself with the innovative "TEN" concept—a meticulously curated collection of ten versatile pieces designed to cover all needs for either business or leisure travel. This concept emphasizes a minimalist, yet comprehensive approach to travel wear, ensuring each piece within the collection works harmoniously to offer a stress-free, stylish, and comfortable travel experience.

As it stands, Soul of Nomad has grown into a premium lifestyle brand, championing the fusion of performance and style for the modern traveler. Its product range has expanded beyond apparel to include a variety of lifestyle items, all designed with the core mission of making long-haul journeys seamless and sophisticated.