Club Nomad - Conquer Your Horizons

Terms and Benefits

Registration Free Club Nomad Membership is free, but we only accept 250 members monthly.
–źnnual Credit $250 As long you sustain your membership, you will receive one annual voucher that can be used toward any eligible member product annually.
Eligibility Invite or essay One of the essential membership requirements of Club Nomad is your personal manifesto / essay that you need to submit along with your application.
Validity 1+ purchases / Year As long as you stay active on either online or brick & mortar Soul of Nomad stores every 12 months your membership will renew automatically.
Selection Eligible collection Club Nomad Members have an exclusive access via our e-commerce platform to limited and/or especially designed one-of-a-kind collections.
Access Private events Every year members will have access to private events hosted by Soul of Nomad.

How to Become a member?

Soul of Nomad membership program offers a freedom of choice by immersing members in the convergence Silicon Valley’s spirit of innovation and Italian craftsmanship with access to limited collections.

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