24 Hour of Le Mans

Racing Heritage

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the world's longest-running sports car race. It is considered as one of the three pillars in the unofficial "triple crown" of motorsport, alongside the Grand Prix Monaco and Indy 500. The Le Mans is often proclaimed as the Mecca of endurance racing for drivers, cars, and spectators, a place where a real character is tested. Place where heroes are born, and legendary Steve McQueen shared his passionate addiction to. 

So if your modern nomadic spirit is up to experience a beautiful French summer that is bonded with the heritage of automotive racing, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is the place to be. Through this short travel almanac, we will guide you to the most gorgeous sunset, exquisite Michelin star dining, and spectacular racing adventure that you never experienced before. This year race is scheduled for September, so beautiful fall weather of province of Maine is guaranteed. 

Bon Voyage 

Many travelers can fly directly to Paris's Charles de Gaulle Airport - major airport to Le Mans, you dive into Paris, you will need to travel by car or train the remaining 125 miles to Le Mans. You also can fly private directly to Le Man's Airport. Club Nomad members can quickly request a quote for a direct flight from any major US city to Le Mans. Additionally, a luxury car rental service or VIP transfer can be arranged. We suggest staying off the circuit hotels for quieter nights and chill vibes, consider checking in to privately-owned chateaux like Domaine de Villeray in Condeau or other choices can be arranged for our concierge team. 

The Race: 

The day-one during the Le Mans Race week starts at Place de la République in Le Mans city center with a traditional scrutineering session. All drivers and their cars will undergo a series of checks to make sure they comply with the race regulations. Day two, a pit lane opens to the public, and it is an excellent opportunity to meet the drivers and enjoy conversations with team members and other racing enthusiasts. 

The main actions begin on day three, once the 62 cars enter a free practice run, followed by the first qualifying session that goes well into midnight. On day four, the qualifying continues with two 2-hour sessions. It sets the ground for the fierce battle to establish the starting grid and the cars in the pole position. We would suggest to take a peek inside the garages and get a close-up view of the 62 cars on Friday. A fantastic experience that gives a sneak look at the teams as they make those essential final tweaks to their cars. 

How to Watch:

There are a few must-visit vantage spots around the circuit to fully enjoy 24 hours experience, regardless of whether you are first time visitor or regular racing enthusiast. Please don't miss the start, and the Pit Straight is the best spot to watch it. 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans will begin at 4:00 pm on Saturday and ends 4:00 pm on Sunday.

Legendary spots like Tertre Rouge, Mulsanne, and Arnage, allows you to witness some spectacular overtaking actions. Legendary points where drivers brake hard around tight corners of the track and then accelerate back out of the bend. The "Gold Hour" of the Link-Up Corner (Raccordement) shares a fantastic sunset view and allows you to admire the pit lane in golden light. Earlybirds can enjoy the first rays of dawn as the sun rises over the Dunlop bridge on Sunday morning. 

The grandstands are opposite of the garages, the best place to watch the drivers take to the track or witness refueling, repairs, and driver changes. There are the members access grandstands and the exclusive VIP suites offering an unbeatable view and experience over the Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans and the race, accommodated by immaculate service. 

Entertainment and activities:

Don't miss out on the Fan Zone in the heart of the Race Village. Race Village hosts an array of stands, stores, and venues. If you traveling with children, Critérium du Jeune conducteur is a driving challenge for pre-teen aged kids. Music fans can enjoy up to 4 concerts. There are support races during the week with Road to Le Mans featuring a line-up of GT3s & LMP3s class race cars and amazing Ferrari Challenge race. The Le Mans Museum is the place for all, from the die-hard racing fans, the Le Mans enthusiasts, or people interested in race's history. You will enjoy a unique journey back in time to see how the 24 Hours of Le Mans earned its iconic status. 


We would recommend to you our two favorites: the L'Auberge de Bagatelle - an exceptional place where youthful and hospitable Franco - Belgian couple has breathed a new lease of gourmet life into this delightful country inn. Guests are treated to impeccably prepared meals, rich in enticing and succulent flavors and savors. Or stop by Auberge des Matfeux, another highly recommended contemporary restaurant, has the curated selection of beautiful dishes that reinterpret the classics, and their wine menu features great Bordeaux vintages and Loire wines. 

Race Away

It would be safe to say that 24 hours of Le Mans offers a fantastic opportunity to see one of the best racing competition among the automotive engineering marvels. From the main paddock to select points around the 8.5-mile-long circuit providing some spectacular sights, you'll find it easy to dive into the competitive spirit. We recommend to add 24 hours of Le Mans to the bucket list of events to visit, this race event certainly deserves to be the one.

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